Sport Activation

Dribble-Parcours: Who will become the next Messi?

dribbelstarDribble-Parcours reveals who dribbles the ball through the obstacle course quickest with close and skilful ball control. Anyone who wants to get among the top 10 dribblers needs a quick reaction, rapid acceleration and, above all, a good feel for the ball.

play-video-clipHowever, it isn’t just the total time to complete the course that’s measured. As soon as the traffic light switches from red to green, the athlete sets off with the ball. After rapid acceleration and a short sprint alongside the obstacle course, they then turn at the last obstacle and skilfully dribble the ball through the slalom-like obstacle course back to the finish line.

After completing their go, the athlete receives an analysis that provides information about the reaction time, acceleration time, time to turn with the ball and the slalom time. A real challenge for any sports enthusiast – whether young or old! Dribble-Parcours can of course be used for more than just football. It is also suitable for assessing hockey, basketball and handball dribbling skills or even for use without a ball as a running module. But whatever use you choose to put this versatile tool to, skill and speed are always at the forefront with Dribble Star!


  • Space required: min. 4×12 m
  • Setup and dismantling time: approx. 60 minutes
  • Power requirement: 220 volts / 16 A
  • Individual logos possible on analysis sheet